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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Confidence matters, thank you Cambridge

I know I've written about confidence before but lately it seems to be more important. When you're used to being overweight with very little confidence you tend to see the negative side of things so everything that's happened to me recently has been even more exciting as I can now focus on the positives.

In the past week I've been invited to 3 job interviews which in itself is fantastic, as of today I've been offered 2 of those jobs. This has made me feel even more confident about myself but also makes me realise that I must be appearing more confident in interviews in order to be that successful. Obviously I can only accept one of the positions but even the offer is a good thing.

Even more exciting though is the news that my boyfriend proposed to me at the weekend, so officially he is now my fiance! I know for certain that the confidence gained from my weight loss has helped this come about; not the proposal itself but even just the first date. This time last year I would never have been confident enough to agree to go on a date let alone actually go through with it.

I'm not saying you can't be overweight and confident but for me I've gained a great deal from losing weight and for that I will forever be thankful that I found the right diet for me.
This ribbon measures the same as my waist used to, I've lost just over 12 inches from my waist alone. If that sort of thing doesn't help you grow in confidence then I don't think anything will.
Thank you Cambridge plan for helping me lose weight and gain so much from life.

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