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Monday, 1 June 2015


I fell off the diet wagon last week!
After nearly 7 months of following plan 100% I stepped up to the next level and had a bit of a wobbly day. My weigh in today (2 weeks worth on new step) saw me lose 2 1/2lb which brings my total to 7 stone 8 1/2lb. This doesn't mean I'm looking at it as having got away with my bad day, believe me I felt quite ill the following day. I am however trying to focus on the positives from it.
I felt ill enough not to want to do it again.
By previous standards this was not a blowout (I still consumed less than 2000 calories for the day)
It wasn't worth it which means I'm less likely to do it again.
It has made me more aware of calorie content and that in moderation I can introduce other things in to my diet in future as long as I am aware of what I am eating.
The final positive is that this proves I am actually human! We all make mistakes, we all have bad days and slip up. What counts though is how you deal with them. I am focused on finishing the Cambridge plan on July 6th so I have 1 more week on step 3 followed by two weeks each on steps 4 and 5. I know that I am happy with how I look right now and if I maintain my weight from now until July 6th I will still be happy, I also know that should I want to return to the plan in the future to lose a bit more then I can. The most important thing with dieting is finding your own happy place not what someone else (or any form of chart) deems to be the place you will be happy.

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