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Monday, 18 April 2016

Spending less time on the bus (or making sure my dress still fits for my wedding)

The bus to work takes around 40 minutes each way (depending on traffic). Since starting my job in August last year I've used this time to read (a lot), listen to music and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to chase up estate agents and solicitors. Due to the times of the buses I tend to get in to work half hour early (I know some people would never put me and early together), now the weather is getting nicer I've decided to use this time more productively.
So for the last two weeks I have got off the bus early and walked in to work, walked to a further bus stop rather than wait at the bus station coming home and got off the bus a stop early and walked down the hill to my house. It may not sound like a great deal and I don't do all these walks every day, in those two weeks though I've walked 18 miles more than normal and it's not made me late to work or any later home than normal.
There is no denying that I like my food, and I have no problem admitting that I have put weight on recently. In less than four weeks though I am getting married, it's going to be fairly non traditional and I'm certainly not doing a last minute crash diet. When I bought my dress it fitted beautifully and felt really comfortable, I'm determined that on May 14th I'll still think the same.
So while my original plan was to spend less time on the bus it's also doubling as a pre wedding workout to ensure my dress still fits.
Now to find time to read!

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