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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dream Wedding......

Quite often I've heard varying versions of 'every girl wants to feel like a princess for the day' and 'all girls walked round with a pillow case as a veil when they were little'
I happen to disagree!
I don't remember ever thinking much about what I wanted my wedding day to be like, I had dreams about being married and happy but not much thought about a wedding. The older I got the less I thought I would ever get married anyway so my thoughts went more to just being happy in a relationship.
Quite early on in our relationship we discussed our thoughts on weddings and came to the same conclusion that starting off married life together heavily in debt for one day was not what we wanted. Neither of us like being the centre of attention so we knew it would be a low key affair. We planned on buying a house together and so money was obviously an issue, I know though that even if money was no object we would still have done things the way we did.

After Daniel proposed things moved quite quickly, we gave ourselves a budget and were keen to keep as close as possible to it. I found bridesmaid dresses on sale and kept my fingers crossed that they would still fit by the wedding (they did), I made mine and the bridesmaids bouquets from comic books and ribbon. We made our own invites and place settings and my sister decorated our shoes. Daniels mum made ties for the groom, best man and father of the groom. I bought a dress and sold it, bought a second dress and loved it, it's not a bridal gown so I can wear it again.

We opted for a late afternoon register office ceremony followed by a meal in a local pub. The register office could hold 60 guests, we invited 63 of our closest friends and family, 59 were there on the day.
We wanted people to enjoy the day and be comfortable, there were no rules on outfits and guests were given the option of joining in on our superhero theme; we had bubbles to keep people occupied during photo time and our cakes were themed too.

We had a fantastic day there was no stress, we even cooked breakfast for some of our guests on the morning of the wedding.
In Daniels speech he thanked everyone for joining us to celebrate our special day, although in his words that special day was actually the day we first met and every day from now on would also be special.
Totaling up everything we bought including both my dresses, thank you gifts and the night in a hotel we had our dream wedding for less than £1600. The sun was shining and I married the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, after all that's what it's all about.

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